About Meknes Oil

Meknes oil’s benefits for healthy hair, it is often called liquid gold by beauty experts. It gives new life to dry, tangled and flyaway hair. Some of the obvious and recognized benefits of Meknes oil for hair can be identified as:

  1. Meknes of Morocco Argan oil penetrates into the hair pores or shafts and enhances the elasticity of hair. It also proves to be very nourishing for the growth of hair.
  2. Natural antioxidants present in Meknes oil strengthen the hair by repairing the damaged cellular membrane of hair.
  3. Presence of Vitamin E in Meknes oil makes it a tremendous agent for hair treatment. Many external and internal agents like heat, over styling and oxidization damage the hair. Vitamin E present in Meknes oil is very useful in restoring the natural hair and renewing and repairing the damage caused by destructive agents.
  4. Researchers believe that non-greasy Meknes oil locks the moisture in and adds to and restores the luster and shine of hair.
  5. Color treatment of hair causes certain damage to hair, makes them brittle and takes away the smoothness. It is an additional benefit of Meknes oil that it cures the brittle hair and increases the life of color treated hair. In this job it even surpasses in competitiveness from Jojoba oil.
  6. It is believed by hair stylists that Meknes oil may finally be the right choice to heal and restore the damaged, dry and weak hair from environmental extremes, excessive styling practices and perms.

Application of Meknes Oil in Hair

It is of utmost importance how you apply Meknes oil in your hair. Meknes oil can be applied before or after taking bath. Before taking bath pour some oil on the head and spread it across the hair so that it becomes applied from tips to roots of hair. After that gently massage and rub the oil on the scalp (Skin on head). Use a brush or comb to distribute evenly the oil. Wrap the head in a hot piece of cloth or towel for some time before washing the hair. Then, thoroughly wash you hairs. It can also be applied in place of wet gels. A few drops of Meknes oil dropped on brush or comb while brushing the hair, gives the hair freshness, brilliance and luster.

Meknes Products

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